Previously Known as PAD (perfect at dodging) but had to change his name after some saddening events which brought home the reality of his own mortality. For the first time in his life, he felt vulnerable and did not like it one bit. So he altered his name accordingly and came up with a new strategy to dominate the Earth.

Early Life

As of yet, unknown...

Ruling the Earth

With An Unstoppable Force and The Immovable Object out of the picture as the pioneering rulers of the Earth, PAD decided to occupy the throne of almighty Emperor on the planet.

The only threat to his dominance at that period was the IBA.

Long Running Feud with the IBA

PAD became embroiled in a long-running battle against his arch Nemesis the IBA. The fight came to a brutal conclusion, when in a last desperate act of defiance, the IBA fired a piece of bubblegum which managed to stick to PAD's beard. Slowly but surely, IBA tried to pull himself back up using the long strand of chewing gum as a safety harness. He nearly succeeded, but at the last possible moment, the PAD's beard tore off along with the gum, and the IBA fell to his death, screaming, holding a strand of Gum and beard.

The PAD had survived this battle, but had now permanently lost his facial hair in the process. Never again would it grow back. PAD swore revenge on the entire world, but for now he was condemned to change his name to VGAD (very good at dodging).

The Beard of PAD has still never been recovered and remains missing to this day.

Rise of the Bald-man's Faction


The Bald-man's Faction

Years of Preparation

VGAD didn't like losing his beard, and he wanted everybody else to feel just as miserable as he did. Baldness became the norm, even women became bald. Attraction levels between the genders started to subside, and reproduction levels began to fall tenfold. The whole world, all of humanity began to look more and more alien and androgynous without any facial hair. But the overpopulation crisis was soon solved, earning VGAD unprecedented levels of adulation. This in turn increased both his power and popularity.

Comeback and A Confrontation with the IBA





The Reboot of the World