The Unstoppable Force is... well.. unstoppable. Well, he was unstoppable, until he was stopped by the IBA.

A Midget called Tom

Long ago in a failed attempt to control Brittany, a midget called Tom was planned to be used as a key bio-weapon to ricochet its masterminds straight to power, but this Unstoppable Midget was quite difficult to control, one of his perks was an uncanny love for surgery and these operations were executed using a stapler, thus leaving his patients patiently waiting with a sewed smile.

He was a doctor, but only because he had doctored documents in order to attain the position. People trusted his paperwork and had no reason to doubt or question his integrity, that was until many patients started randomly dying on the ward.

In one occasion he operated on Martin Demise and caused his demise by cleaning his wounds using Apple Cider Vinegar, which accelerated his pain tolerance level to beyond breaking point, thus bringing on a heart attack. This was considered a successful medical procedure and Tom was awarded the 'I Saved the World From Bad Filmography' medal, this of course only helped to promote and motivate his forceful ways, until finally he was known as the Unstoppable Force. Rumors say that the town mayor who motivated Tom's forceful practice was none other than one half of the da Motivator Brothers.

Ruling the Earth

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