The Fake Doctor is a mysterious individual who poses as a fake doctor at specific times in random Doctors Surgeries and likes to diagnose the patients with fake terminal illnesses. Whether this is to scare them or motivate them, nobody really knows.

The biggest mystery is that nobody knows how he infiltrates the surgeries without anybody knowing and leads people to believe that he is none other than TSAGIGOGAFH in disguise.

Laugh-man DiagnosisEdit

The Laugh-man came into The Fake Doctor's Surgery to receive his usual seasonly health check-up. He was given some routine tests, but was diagnosed with cancer.

The Fake Doctor's conclusion was, if you can't scare someone with the C Word, then you have no chance of scaring them at all.

Jon Walter DiagnosisEdit

Jon did not like hearing that he only had 2 months left to offer the world. Everywhere he walked, there was a woman's voice in his mind counting down every single second of the two months. This made him panic somewhat and he began to run everywhere and tried to do many things at once just to make the most of his remaining time on Planet Earth.

Then after two months Jon felt fine, so he visited his doctor and the doctor told him that the cancer diagnosis had all been an elaborate scam in order to get Jon to make the most of his life. In those two months, Jon had lived a hell of a life, when he found out he wasn't dying, it made him feel lazy again, so his doctor had to re-diagnose him with cancer yet again.