The Supraliminal And Gigantically Immense Gum Of Gravitational Attractions From Hell!

He is the final Boss.

Some say he is one of the many avatars of Jeeves , others say he is and sounds like a Japanese game show, but everyone agrees with this: he is the horror that destroys universes and realities.


Insert everyone involved in the great battle of IBA VS VGAD ...

The world's reboot

The creation of TSAGIGOGAFH was such a horrible event that reality itself twist and distorts with his presence, and as a consequence the world is rebooted.

Ruling at the last Level

After the world's reboot it is said that a copy of TSAGIGOGAFH not as powerful as the original, but equally dreadful lies at The last level , ruling it with all his enormity, and some even say that whoever defeats him will be able to find Jeeves, and then get all the answers.

Every morning he enjoys an enormous plate of cereal made by his many wives the EEW .