A film-maker whose films have brought horror to all who have dared to behold them, not only that, but another particular characteristic that all of his films share is that for one reason or another, they always come out of post-production while still unfinished.

Early life

Martin Demise has a penchant for firing every actor on the set apart from the sexy female lead star who always seems to be the last one left. This unprofessional behavior leads to his films being unfinished. Despite his work never being completed, actors still want to work with him, thinking that this time he has changed the error of his ways. Until they start being fired.

It is hard to say whether Martin Demise's pleasure from making unfinished films is a spiritual pursuit or a sexual fetish.

Golden Days

Terrorizing the world with bad filmography.

Hospitalization and Demise

Encounter with The Forcefully Unstoppable Doctor Tom.

Martina Demise arrives on the scene, seeking revenge for the whole twisted Apple Cider Vinegar affair.