Karl's ex-wife and a long-standing member of the ESW.

Once thinking that she had found her true soul-mate in life when she had met Karl, due to their names bearing a similar resemblance and also by the co-incidence of them meeting each other in the same workplace and job.

Her notion of destiny however, quickly changed when their marriage turned sour as Karl became the bane of her frustrations and the only man on Earth that she truly hated.

Karla also has a strong dislike towards the IBA for permanently destroying her hair follicles and leaving her helpless as one of the many soul slaves of TSAGIGOGAFH.

Karla suffers from a rare form of memory loss, otherwise known as Early-onset Alzheimers . This is such a strange curse for such a young woman.


Karla's marriage with Karl was a disaster from the very beginning and came to an end quickly. Ending after only six months together.

She started to become increasingly infuriated at the amount of time he would spend down at the laboratory, often arriving home late or in the early hours of the morning. It became more and more obvious to her that Karl was not the same person that she had married, and his behavior started to grow more erratic and weird. Towards the end of their marriage, he would blank her completely.

Some of their arguments were legendary.

Karla's Abduction and Initiation into the ESW

Once Karla started to grow suspicious about Karl. She began to initiate her own investigation to try and find out what the hell he was up to, and why he was returning home from work late. One night, she sneaked into the research facility and hid in a broom cupboard until closing time, and once everybody had gone home, she located Karl's office and started to root through the drawers and find out what was really going on. She didn't get too far into her investigation, as somebody sneaked up behind her and pressed a chloroform-soaked rag over her nose and mouth. She fell unconscious.

When Karla awoke, she found herself easily susceptible to coercion and very easy to control. Another of the group that had abducted her explained that she was now part of the ESW and had a new purpose in life.

To seduce men in order to gain power and control.

Seeking Revenge against Karl

As a fully-fledged member of the ESW, she was obliged to take revenge against Karl. For the way he had treated her, humiliating and neglecting her, lying constantly. She began to thirst for vengeance and knew that achieving her goal was highly possible now that she was a part of the ESW. A group of powerful women that had been wronged in their lives, all of them wanted retribution and found that seduction was the ultimate weapon against their enemies.

The IBA-Hair-Ripping Incident