A Jukebox under Jeeves's possession, which may contain the Castle Crashers song.

There is a Song which plays at Level 1 that shares many similarities to the song that Jeeves proudly keeps under lock and key. But this has been alleged to be some kind of deliberate psychological mind control experiment, to not only confuse the player, but also create a feeling of retention loss that seems to induce overwhelming episodes of helplessness and mania.

This song is usually played endlessly on a loop in the Filter Bubble Complex, where certain victims remain encapsulated in a world of apparent safety and comfort, yet unable to remember the name of the song.

The location of the Jukebox, like Jeeves is unknown. An ex-associate of Jeeves claimed that the Jukebox is something that Jeeves keeps very close to his chest. The ex-associate also stated that the artifact seems to have more of a sinister music box type feel to it. The music itself bears a resemblance to the tone and feel of that played by a Shortwave Receiver.