The Extremely Seductive Women have a penchant for using their extremely seductive powers and natural charm to get their wishes done. Usually as a means of manipulation to gain control of the situation.

They made a daring attempt to rule the world in the opening moments after learning about the IBA's mysterious disappearance and joined forces with VGAD to partake in the final battle against the IBA.

Most of them were killed and partly fused into TSAGIGOGAFH.

Karla was one of them.

They hate the IBA, for he was the one responsible for ruining their beautiful hair. Without their beautiful long flowing locks, they simply became known as The Seductive Women. They quickly fell into a downward spiral and were eventually absorbed by TSAGIGOGAFH.

Most recently while serving as TSAGIGOGAFH personal harem, they are popularly known as EEW (eerily enslaved women), among their many service, one of the most important is to provide milk for TSAGIGOGAFH's breakfast cereal .