Once a prominent scientist, after his supposed involvement in the SCI I , was kicked out of The Scientific Community Of Hell .

Appearance and Habits

Daemon Dog is a gigantic Demonic Dog, beastly in appearance just a glimpse of his shadow can terrorize mortals, despite his appearance Demon Dog is also a genius.

His Fur is the colors of Hell, this is due thanks to years of evolution in hell's biosphere.

He feeds on souls.

Life in Hell

When he lived in Hell he used to benefit greatly from both The Scientific Community Of Hell and The Sadistic Community of Hell , thanks to both places being confused with regularity, eventually he also joined the The Sadistic Community of Hell.

While inside The Sadistic Community of Hell, Demon Dog learned to master the use of his Daemon tool , this made him quite famous with perverts and members of the opposite sex, but also brought shame to his scientific name.

Forced Retirement

After being kicked from The Scientific Community Of Hell, and The Sadistic Community of Hell was disbanded, Demon Dog ended under the care of Random Kid , living as his pet.

Under the care of Random Kid Demon Dog tries to make his come back to the scientific world.

In one of his adventures he encountered Barlow the surreal painter and creator of monsters.