Regarded as the supreme leader of the Bald-man faction, he started his late teens as a humble university student in the field of Science. But after some dramatic events involving one of his helpers, his life turned from one of Scientific purpose, to one of sheer desire for World Domination.


A very long time ago, a man known as Hair-man (for his fantastic and funky style), worked within the institute for Scientific wonders and progress of TROT, a university that was leading the world's Scientific progress at the time. Together, with a specialized team of high profile Scientists the group of highly-proficient men started work on a formula, a secret head lotion that would grant immeasurable charisma.

Then the horrors happened, the formula in which Hair-man was working for immeasurable charisma was doomed to fail. But in the last seconds before the imminent reaction, a young kid named Karl (it was the times when hiring kids for manual labor in labs where allowed) tried to save the day... well not really... a mixture of unknown cheap and shady cleaning products (Hair-man's research team didn't like to spend money on such things) entered the formula, morphing it from a concoction of damnation to a gen-altering unstable substance, which only busted balding capabilities, this enhanced the natural balding of Hair-man AND his co-workers present at the moment of the explosion, and with this, the Bald-man's faction was born.

Bald-man's Faction

The perfect group to fight that which in one future will be known as one of the biggest threats to society, the IBA! It was not that big and powerful early on their operations and they had to deal first with the likes of PAD and Terrance, but they were slowly rising in power, partly thanks to the master scheme of one man.